Secure by Design : CISA is taking action !

Mai 2024

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has announced the “Secure by Design pledge,” a voluntary initiative focused on the security of enterprise software. Today it is a call to action, tomorrow it will be a Best Practices Guide, and the day after tomorrow, a mandatory standard. American companies that have participated in the specification definition process will be ready.

This is a call to action from CISA for the entire industry: Secure by Design will soon become a requirement, not an option. If you are not prepared, you are already behind.

🔐 The CISA’s Secure by Design emphasizes critical security measures such as multi-factor authentication, elimination of default passwords, reduction of vulnerabilities, and rapid implementation of security patches. Transparency in the communication of vulnerabilities and robust vulnerability disclosure policies are also key elements.
Beyond these components, Secure by Design involves integrating security into all aspects of software development, from initial design to deployment and beyond. This ensures a proactive approach to security, fostering a culture where developers and manufacturers commit to creating resilient and trustworthy software. This security approach is essential for protecting our digital future.

⏰ Now is the time to act! Do not let regulations stifle you. Take the initiative by adopting the principles of Secure by Design today. Ensure that your software is resilient against the constantly evolving cyber threats.

🤝 🔒 Make security an integral part of your development process.

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